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A.J. Antunes Jacksonville & Northeast Florida

B&G Refrigeration is a proud supplier of A.J. Antunes brand commercial hot side restaurant equipment and accessories. The company started in Chicago in 1955, when August Antunes met Jack Smith and began working with each other. Since developing an air flow and gas pressure switch to meet the needs of a new regulation on industrial ovens in 1962, A.J. Antunes has been excelling in the manufacturing business. The company has expanded greatly since then, from moving new facilities to Carol Stream, to developing new products to meet its customer's needs. Its foodservice equipment brand is known as ROUNDUP. This division includes toasting, grilling, steaming, warming, cup dispensing and timing equipment. From restaurants to convenience stores, A.J. Antunes has the quality hot side equipment your establishment needs.

A.J. Antunes at B&G Refrigeration

Our company has a full inventory of A.J. Antunes commercial equipment, accessories and parts, ready for sales and installation for your business.

B&G Refrigeration will sell and install the latest commercial hot side units and accessories from A.J. Antunes, including:

  • Contact Toasters
  • Muffin Toasters
  • Hot Dog Corrals
  • Egg Stations
  • Roller Grills
  • Steamers
  • Food Warmers
  • Steamer Display Cabinets
  • Warmer Drawers
  • Heated Display Cabinets
  • Pizza Stations
  • Countertop Cooker/Warmers

A.J. Antunes offers warranties on their products, which can be checked through their site via viewing a product's information. If you own a product, its spec tag will have a serial number, the first two digits are the year (ex. "12" signifies 2012) and the following two digits are the month (ex. "05" signifies May) the machine was manufactured in. You can check that to see if the machine is still under warranty.

In combination with A.J. Antunes, B&G Refrigeration is dedicated to the food service industry. Whether you operate a convenience store or a five-star restaurant, we want to ensure you are providing the best food possible to your patrons by installing the best equipment possible to hold it.

As an equipment provider for A.J. Antunes, we uphold their standards of quality and value. We are proud to supply their commercial hot side machines because we know it is some of the best in the industry. Together, we strive to ensure your complete sale and installation is well taken care of so you have to less to worry about. We want you to get back to doing what you do best - operating your kitchen.

Contact us today for an on-site evaluation of your commercial kitchen hot side needs. You can reach us by phone at (888) 777-4197.


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