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Preventative Maintenance

What makes B&G Refrigeration different from the competition? Unlike the others, B&G Refrigeration offers a customized program of preventative maintenance for your commercial refrigeration, as well as heating and air conditioning equipment. We have a variety of schedules and maintenance options tailored to meet your company's needs.

Preventative maintenance on heating and air conditioning units is also offered for residential customers.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

It's Saturday night and the salad cooler or the walk-in freezer is not at temp. This is a disaster looming. You call your repair company and the technician comes - at weekend rates - and cleans the machinery, but has to do so in the midst of the dinner rush, when the parts distributor is closed. This is a headache waiting to happen, just think if you would of just had your system checked regularly, you would of seen this potential problem coming.

Many service calls are the result of inadequate maintenance. Regular maintenance of equipment lowers the incidence of these types of service emergencies. While we cannot guarantee you will never need another service call, we can perform this service, which not only can increase the functionality of equipment and the lifetime of the unit, but also increases the reliability of the machine.

Commercial Refrigeration and Heating & Air Unit Preventative Maintenance Plans

If you weren't aware already, most refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers void parts-and-labor warranties if the equipment has not been properly maintained through an on-going preventative maintenance program. For this reason, B&G is here to help you keep your equipment in the best running condition possible, so that all factory standards are met.

Air conditioning manufacturers recommend, at minimum, monthly filter changes, which can be difficult since the filters are inside the equipment. Since filter maintenance procedure is more complicated than normal, B&G offers this service in our Preventative Maintenance plans.

A typical preventive maintenance visit would include the following:

  • Clean condensers
  • Change filters
  • Check amp draws
  • Check exhaust and make-up air
  • Change belts (as necessary)
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Oil motors to manufacturers' specifications
  • Check air filtration
  • Audio/visual inspection of all equipment
  • Clean return grills
  • Blow out drainlines
  • Clean ice machine (system flush and air filter semi-annually); includes running cleaner over the plate and coil cleaning. (This is NOT a deep clean, which involves the breakdown of the machine and the cleansing of all parts.)

In addition to cleaning and maintaining your equipment, our certified technicians will also make note of the condition of the equipment and make any recommendations accordingly. Our assessment also includes noting any other problems, which may pose safety problems, such as uneven flooring, or inadequate equipment surrounding conditions, that are suggested to help you save money. We will also quote any repairs not covered in the regular maintenance plan and offer photos for online sharing with corporate offices and managers to assess the necessary repairs.

Call B&G Refrigeration today to schedule your first preventative maintenance visit!


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Instead of just sending someone out for a 5 minute repair, the gentleman explained to me over the phone what my options were...

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