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Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Kitchen & Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Jacksonville & Northeast Florida

As a commercial restaurant owner, you know how expensive the cost of restaurant equipment can be. When an essential piece of equipment in your kitchen breaks down, it feels as though your bottom line has just taken a dive into the red. Believe it or not, there's a simple way to avoid disasters such as these from happening and keep you in control of your budget and your commercial kitchen.

The Benefits of Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

When your restaurant equipment is well maintained through a routine service program, you will be kept well informed of potential problems in your equipment mechanisms before a breakdown occurs. At B&G Refrigeration, we see this scenario occur all of the time: as the restaurant budget gets lean, maintenance is often the first service to go to save money. However, when you really consider the future of your equipment, it's important to ensure the maintenance of your equipment stays in the budget. Why? Keeping your coils clean, your motors oiled and your drainlines clear ensures the equipment does not suffer an unexpected breakdown thus temporarily closing down the kitchen. All industry experts agree that a careful examination and maintenance service on your equipment will yield hidden savings and keep your kitchen running at its optimal level.

When to Schedule Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Routine maintenance can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The service can range from cleaning your equipment and replacing air filters to lubricating exhaust and supply-fan bearings. The only way our expert technicians can know for sure what you need is through a close, professional inspection of your equipment and a better understanding of the day-to-day of your kitchen operations.

Don't let a surprise breakdown temporarily close down your kitchen. Take care of your equipment and your business's bottom line with the help of B&G Refrigeration. Call us today at 904.620.0081 to schedule your routine restaurant equipment maintenance plan.


June 2011

Instead of just sending someone out for a 5 minute repair, the gentleman explained to me over the phone what my options were...

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